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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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elizabeth stamp. if >> is the overhead available. >> it will just take a moment. >> my name is howard bloomberg and i am a resident of district 6. what some of us have seen -- there is a number of streets, which are not available for a vehicle over 9 tons. and most of the shuttle's that people are interested in, and that number of them are over 9 tons.
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the major streets, there are not many. what i would like to concentrate on, is the towns -- towns and street. townshend, over the cow train station, with vehicles under 9 tons. and this is a place where people congregate. with the shuttle buses, they may be there. and the fire station as close by. this has to be respected.
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with the car traffic and -- the other issue we may get to eventually, this district 6. they should not allow the vehicles over 9 tons. >> thank you. ken mailey. i would like to reform that some of the complaints have been launched, prior. my two main issues are, again, on enforcement. we have many issues with sound where there is not even a decimeter to judge the level of sound. and we ask for you to expand this ordinance for the tour boats that go along the bay.
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they are very loud and i am tired of hearing the question, here we are, that is the cable car to the stars, the crowded street. c'mon, minnesota. what is the cricket street in new york? this is wall street. -- crooked streets in new york? this is wall street. >> i am john nulty. >> please pull the microphone to your face. >> these are all open-airbuses, operating in the city. they obviously they are wanting the tourist business. prior to people who intensify the last five or six years, this
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is a big problem. i live in the second most dense neighborhood in the city. i get upset when they go by because i cannot concentrate. it makes some much noise. it goes right through my window. i am on the first floor. and this is truly, unacceptable with the noise and there are other mitigated issues that have not been addressed. pollution and insomnia. you have the height difference with the neighborhood and the children. and the constant things, that they say that about my neighborhood. the people in my neighborhood are -- they have to go do jobs.
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they may be sleeping during the daytime. we are keeping them up. i think this is a good first step. a lot of other issues have to be addressed. >> i live on eighth avenue. i have lived in the in richmond for 23 years. i do not live where there is one of the most photographed the vistas in the world. i live on eighth avenue. i have spotted 55 different tour bus companies, 55. this matches what is going on in alamo. they are going up from where we
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have discovered -- and they cannot make the turn. because this is a residential street without a middle-lane dividers. and the commuter cars on the street, nonetheless, the traffic is incredible to try to turn on to my street, to try to get through my street. there is nothing that will let me believe that a diesel engine is anything to compare to a bus noise, let alone someone talking like this about the to million dollar whenever. i think the studies are great but they should become more relevant to what we are doing here. on eighth avenue -- i live in an old victorian and there are trash areas between buildings. my building is next to the area next door. and it will echo back there.
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i know what some of you guys are talking about. i guess what we should talk about is why there are 55 different bus companies using 8 avenue to get into golden gate park when there are bolten and gary they are set up for this. also, the fact that they wanted to get the block of eighth avenue is known for the children that attend the school. i am not certain of the details. thank you very much, and a sense of urgency. >> good afternoon. i am the executive director of san francisco. i am 8 not here to talk about the private shells throughout the city. in november 2010, a shuttle
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killed a 65 year-old senior in leavenworth. in july of last year, one man, a doctor was killed by a crash. our city has a lot of private shuttles. they are not clearly regulated. we have to make certain that they are faced on the street. there is the public transportation system, and thank you for your attention to this. and they have the shuttles that keep people safe while walking. >> i just want to reiterate.
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this is not nimby. this is safety. these buses are too big for residential streets. they want to keep the drivers from breaking the rules. you can't block traffic five minutes. it is not enforcedc b by sfpd. the job of the police department is not to oversee a private company. neighborhoods have been excluded from the tour buses, and the neighborhoods like seat left. presidio heights. telegraph hill. when of the stuff -- buena vista heights. there are neighborhoods where
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these buses are excluded. thank you very much. >> i want to defend the idea of the summit. there is the store operator and i feel like changing my practice. i think the idea of having a summit is important. if we are willing to fix this what is the point of law? some tour companies may be breaking current law. and the issue is more of communication. we would fix this, probably. >> i live in district 10.
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i would like to come up here and say a few words about alamo square. i used to go to the school there. i asked the young lady, where the school still this. that was in 1943. what i heard about scott street, is the fact that this is a very narrow street. you cannot turn their. and a young man said that there are areas of the city that did not have to or buses. they don't come to bayview- hunter's point. it would be good if there were streets that these tour buses do not go, because they have children there and seniors, and like the young lady said, this is where they should be going, on the streets -- the torah is
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coming into the area. they are not spending any money there. nowhere around alamo square. there is nothing for them to buy. they can go into the park and that is about all that they can do. i think you should stop the tour buses from going on the street, because what i am hearing is the fact that the school is still open there, the children are coming there, -- children are going to the park to study there, and the disrespect, not just the sound but going into the school there, but inhaling all of the toxins in this area, this is ridiculous. i hope you will listen and do something about what the people are saying that live there.
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no one seems to be listening, to get the feeling of the people who live in this area. thank you. >> i am anna, a resident of san francisco, and an operator of tour buses. i enjoy working in this field, from 40 years ago. we were able to do a beautiful city tour of san francisco and show people how beautiful that this city was. little by little, the places were taken away from us. we could not show the presidio, or bring buses in to show the beautiful view, coming into the golden gate to see the golden gate bridge. you cannot go to someone places in the city, and this is very sad.
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i complement supervisor chu, for the first time the board of supervisors to come together with the residents and the torah operators to try to find a solution so that we can show this beautiful city and at the same time not frustrate all of these people. i support during a summit and really talking instead of rushing this through until we find a solution where everyone is happy across the city. [applause] >> i am emily and i am a resident of alamo square park. thank you for the opportunity to speak today. my husband and i own a home up from alamo square park. the tour buses parked in front of my house and sometimes they drive around, or sometimes
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they're parked in the bus stop when i am waiting for the 21. we are lucky enough to live in an area, with the lights of san francisco. and the view of san francisco behind it. a tourist attraction is by definition, something that attracts tourists. and with the tourists bring to our neighborhoods, more biculturalism -- multiculturalism. rather than legislate this problem, we should make this a better option to take, and still, some people will only take the bus. maybe they don't speak the language or they are not physically mobile. or maybe they're just intimidated traveling in a big city. one of these people may be a photographer. in the place that they are from.
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or they may be an entrepreneur who falls in love with the well- kept park, and so we benefit from sharing the neighborhood with these tests. and limiting the kind of buses that people can take to our neighborhood to limit the number of visitors. and this reduces our chances of bringing new people with exciting ideas to the city and the neighborhood. thank you. >> and is there any additional public comment? >> edward mason. i would like to discuss the commuter buses. this is a regional issue, and i made the agreement to reduce the vehicle miles traveled. this would increase the number
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of shuttle buses. local-bus is that we experience, our bosses, they attempted to go down 23rd street. they bought this down in chattanooga. and the disruption. they make wide turns. they obstruct traffic because if they have to make the right hand turn, the half of this is in the muni bus zone. you have noisy engines in the hills, and the tax deductibility. commuting is not tax-deductible but they take this as a tax deduction. we subsidize this as taxpayers.
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we have various operators with lux bus and royal coach tours from san jose. you have disruptions of traffic on guerrerro at 24th. the zone for three-ton limits. these buses stop on guerrero and disrupt traffic. this is an example of muni that occurs with the t.e.p. and muni. this was at 24th. the commuter bus goes in. at 24th street and castro. the commuter bus was in the bus zone. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you for coming out andy
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vsospeaking. let me ask if president chu or supervisor olague -- >> i appreciate you for saying this items. there are two -- we have discussion of this and i am supportivfe of dialog. i don't support a summit that would delay moving forward. we move this to a couple of weeks. and when i first sat down with a tour bus operators, they had
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many concerns from neighbors. this is been a year, a year and a half. we can pull something -- someone together, we need to move forward. i do have a few questions. there are laws on the books that we will need additional enforcement. mr. robbins, could you talk about the plans the mta has for this? we should have them come back in a couple of weeks to have a topic and a real plan for enforcement. >> enforcement is a big
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challenge. i hear these complaints by telephone frequently. the concept a year ago was to issue, and not allow buses to the operate in san francisco without permits. this is a way to collect some fees to pay for the enforcement. this would also be a huge project to issue all of those permits, and identify all of these buses. this would not be too much of a problem. the buses that come from arizona and texas, it is difficult to do this. and they purchase the permit, this is something that we are exploring.
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this is the strategy we are applying also. >> one thing i would say in relation to that comment, we still need better ideas. we have to talk about how we enforce the rules that we have here. there is a standard principle in government. the industry is being regulated. we are making sure that we do the right thing -- we talked about this as well. you talk about the ultimate draft for bus plan.
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if it is possible to help circulate this plan, there is the implementation and when this was supposed to happen, given how much time is past. this will deal with the quality of life issues faced by our neighbors. i know the supervisor olague has comments. i would like to continue item four to two weeks, to the 14th. for item 3, if you can continue that at the call of the chair. to calendar that to the 14th of may. the department of public health. with regards to noise. and if i could ask for the appropriate fee notice. >> thank you. i will check the scheduling for
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may 14. i don't think it should be a problem. >> we have a lot of people who care about the issue and we want to make sure when the date is. >> let me check, quickly. let's go to supervisor olague. supervisor olague: i want to thank the neighbors for their work on this. it bothers me a little bit that so much of this has been placed on the neighbors. this relates to alamo square. and the impacts on the neighborhood alone.
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we want to continue these conversations with the mta. i know that you drafted the study. and with the association to take this to the next level and discuss the idea of prohibiting the buses in certain -- around certain blocks of that neighborhood. there is the five, the 24, this requires some connection. it is time to have that conversation at least. and it is not uncommon to see these types of prohibitions in certain neighborhoods. this is a reasonable task here. i would like to start this conversation with the mta, and i
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believe this is your jurisdiction to look at these routes, and then, at some point, even though i am not a member of this committee i would like to be part of the conversation, with the tour bus operators, to talk about the city-wide policies, and some of these other issues. i would like to thank people -- and supervisor mar for scheduling this hearing and would like to, apart from that have this conversation with the mta, and with the neighbors about those possibilities. thank you. and at some time i would like to have a conversation that just focuses on the shuttles. south of the market, at the north beach, i would like to
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move in with these associations, and i would like to check in with them to see their thoughts on this issue. supervisor wiener.: i want to thank everyone who came out today. with respect to the shuttle's, i want to say, as the transportation has already -- the employee shuttles, with the services that they provide. and the shovels, trying to get them on the street because they have gone on to deal with some of these issues, blocking many stops and idling for too long.
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we will continue to work with that. i want to make certain that we do not lump in the tour buses with the shuttle's because these are different issues. >> the impact that they have, -- >> finally, i think that i am open to the idea of a summit, and the city-wide conversation. and the findings to continue that conversation about alamo square. >> thank you, everyone. president shoe is going to reiterate the motion. >> i would appreciate if you can continue item #4 for 2 weeks, and continued item 32 the call of the chair in case the regulatory structure does not work. and then, to calendar 120405 for
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two weeks from today. so we can deal with the department of public health and noise. >> so moved. and can we do this without objection? thank you. and thank you everyone for coming out. >> what action which like to take on item number two? >> let's continue that back to the call of the chair as well. can we do that without objection? miss miller, please call item no. 5 and 6 together. >> the ordinance amending the planning code, preservation of historic architecture and aesthetic landmarks. order of the committee of the planning total, preservation of buildings, and districts of architectural and historical importance.


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